In-Home Music Lessons

  • Tuition is charged per session. Cash and checks are acceptable and may be made out to Rebecca Helm. Your lesson time will not be scheduled, confirmed or held until payment is made.

  • Re-enrollment is automatic unless the withdrawal form is filled out by May for the fall session or November for the spring session. If you wish to change your scheduled time in between sessions, you must request a change in schedule for the next session. Schedule changes in the middle of sessions are not possible.

  • There will be no make-up lessons offered unless it is a medical or family emergency. A missed lesson due to an emergency will not be refunded. If your missed lesson falls into this emergency category you will have the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson during the same session it was missed. Travel bans due to weather will not be made up.

  • Inclement Weather: Lessons will not be canceled even if local schools are canceled. Lessons will be held as normal regardless of weather (an advantage of in-home lessons) unless you receive an email.

  • Lessons are non-refundable or transferable.

  • For safety reasons, it is required that you have adequate parking in your driveway and a clear walkway up to your door. If this is not available, you may have to forfeit your lesson. This is especially important during snow where on-street parking may not be available. If there is a preferred entrance (other than your front door) during snow, please communicate this with me.

  • Plan on being available 10-15 minutes before and/or after your lesson time as these are in-home lessons and timing is dependent on traffic, road conditions and inclement weather.

  • Should you need to contact me, email is the preferred method and may be used at any time. If there is a situation you would like to discuss in person, please plan on meeting at the beginning of your lesson time. Your lesson time begins when the instructor enters your home.

  • Every student is responsible for purchasing all supplies necessary: Notebook, Pencil, All current books and individual pieces (exact materials different for each student). Materials for your student can be purchased for you and brought to the lesson for an additional $1 charge.

  • For piano lessons, your piano must be in full working order and in tune. References for piano tuners available upon request.

  • Tardiness: If you are not home or prepared to answer your door at your scheduled lesson time, you will only be given the remaining portion of your scheduled lesson time. No additional time will be given for student tardiness.

  • Recitals will be held annually and participation is strongly encouraged but not required. These recitals are at no additional charge and are included in the session rate. Other performance opportunities may occur throughout the year in addition to the annual formal recital.

    Please sign and return this portion along with your tuition payment:

    Student Name(s): _____________________________________    Birthdate: ___/___/______ 

    Parent/Guardian Name(s): ______________________________________________________ 

    Parent’s Email Addresses: ______________________________________________________ 

    Home Address: _______________________________________________________________ 

    Home Phone: _______________________ 

    Cell Phone: _________________________    Can receive texts? _______ 

    Cell Phone: _________________________    Can receive texts? _______ 

    Emergency Contact Name & Number: ____________________________________________ 

    Additional Comments?________________________________________________________________ 

    I have read the studio policies and agree to adhere to the conditions stated above.  By enrolling in the studio and signing this studio policy, the student and the student’s parent/guardian(s) consent to and authorize Rebecca Helm to capture and use video-audio recordings and photographic images of the student and/or his or her musical performance or quoted statements in print, electronic, or online media, for educational and promotional purposes, and without compensation (never stating the student's full name). 

    In case of medical emergency when the parent is not present, I will exercise my best judgement to find medical care for your child and you will accept responsibility for the medical expenses. You also hereby release Rebecca Helm and her spouse or representatives from all liability from personal injury, illness, property loss, or damages resulting directly or indirectly from studio activities.  


    Signature: ________________________________________________    Date: ____________